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February 17, 2014

Trinity Anglican Church
6 Church Street
Parry Sound, ON
P2A 1Y3
Tel 705-746-5221
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Trinity Anglican Church, Parry Sound, Ontario
Feeding Body, Mind and Spirit

Altar Guild
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The Altar Guild

The Altar Guild focuses on maintaining an atmosphere of beauty and reverence at Trinity. This is a quiet, "behind-the-scenes" ministry for those who love to help create a sacred space for worship. The Altar Guild prepares Trinity for worship on Sundays and during the week through the preparation of the sacred vessels and linens. Beyond regular services, the Guild sets up for the holy days, cares for the linens, communion silver, liturgical hangings, candles, and brasses which are used in the various services. 

Members of the Altar Guild arrange the flowers that adorn the Church on Sundays.  For the Harvest, Christmas, and Easter festivals, the entire Guild gathers to decorate the Church.
If you are interested in contributing in this way to Trinity, please contact Jan Wickens at

Click here for more pictures of our church as decorated for Christmas by the Alter Guild

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