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February 17, 2014

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Trinity Anglican Church, Parry Sound, Ontario
Feeding Body, Mind and Spirit

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As part of implementing our strategic plan, the committee has developed a statement that will act as a guideline for our efforts.  That statement is:

Trinity Anglican Church – Feeding Body, Mind and Spirit.

This statement represents not only what Trinity does now but what we hope to do in the future.  The following is a brief overview of what this statement represents.

It is a three-pronged statement – a trinity, if you will.

Feeding Body – Trinity has a reputation for its catering and fine food.  Many of you have mentioned that the fellowship you experience when you attend one of our catered functions or a potluck is one of your favourite parts of being a member of Trinity.  So how can we leverage that reputation and fellowship to do other things e.g. reach more into our community by stocking the pantries of the new homes built by Habitat for Humanity.

Feeding Mind – The weekly bible study group is an example of encouraging the congregation, and anyone else who is interested, in a discussion of the messages, meanings and implications of the scriptures. What else can we do?  Suggestions have been made regarding showing movies and having a follow-up discussion regarding the subject matter as it relates to Christianity.

Feeding Spirit – Spirituality is a cornerstone of our faith. But what does spirituality mean to you?  How can we share what our spirituality means to us to encourage others to attend our church

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